The PCI Software Story

PCI didn’t set out to develop a suite of software tools, but our experience solving a broad range of customer problems identified significant gaps in lightweight tools that drive efficiency.  After years of watching customers spend millions implementing enterprise tools to use less than 1% of the features, PCI decided to begin development of our own suite of tools.  Given the pace of technology development, our goal has been simple.  Help our clients crawl and walk now, instead of waiting for the promise of running years from now.  Our product journey began in 2011 with the idea of BizApps, a tool designed to help business leaders conduct what-if analysis and distribute detailed and synthesized budget data, at the appropriate level, across their entire company. By the end of 2012 we began expanded our investment to Insight, which helps large distributed organizations discover, document, monitor, evaluate, optimize and secure their entire IT infrastructure.  In 2014, PCI began development of Figure, which helps big data developers quickly understand data sets but also makes the power of big data accessible to non-technical personnel.

In each case, PCI began developing the tools because we saw a broad-based need and had the expertise required to turn the product from concept to reality. PCI has several other products in development, with major releases planned for the last half of 2016.


BizApps © 2011

BizApps concept has been in development since 2011 and is a big data analytics and visualization framework that simplifies distribution of complex data sets and source system of record data. Senior leaders need synthesized data to understand trends and conduct what-if analyses, but they provide direction to the company based on the detailed breakout that drives the data. If your company doesn’t have this in place already, the typical path is to spend years selecting a tool, customizing your business processes around that tool, and ultimately modifying the tool to meet the company’s needs.  In weeks to a few months with BizApps, organizations are able to customize the tool to fully meet their data analysis and distribution requirements.  How? Built with modularity and flexibility in mind, most customers simply require small customizations called connector modules to leverage the full power BizApps.

BizApps 2.4 is the current production release.  BizApps 3.0, which brings a range of exciting new capabilities, is in testing and scheduled for full release in third quarter 2016.  All users will be upgraded once the new release is available and support for prior versions will be discontinued.   For more information, to arrange a demo and/or to discuss how to purchase licenses, please contact


FIGURE © 2014

Having trouble making sense of large data sets, and need something lightweight to help analyze your data?  You are not alone.  PCI started developing Figure in 2014 to provide analysts and managers with a quick way to visualize large data sets without the need for complex queries or a big data expert on staff.  You won’t need days of training on the tool or a course of data science.  Just import whatever data you, and Figure will analyze and visualize it for you. Don’t like the initial visualization, just choose from the three or four other pre-selected visualization options with the click of a button.  It won’t take long for you to figure out which visualization works for you, all without the need to learn Hive, Pig, Hadoop, and a host of other technologies.

Implementing a long-term big data program in your organization and need to get the workforce familiar with data-driven decision making while your program is being developed?  FIGURE is great for that too!

Figure 1.1 is the current production release.  Figure 1.2 is in development now and should be released summer 2016.  For more information, to arrange a demo and/or to purchase licenses, please contact


INSIGHT © 2012

Insight provides customizable collection, translation, analysis, and visualization of every component within your infrastructure. There are any number of tools that collect data and display the results, but they fall short of providing the true insight into the operations and security of the infrastructure that is required. Insight fuses big data analytics, visualization, machine learning, and cybersecurity technologies to ensure companies and organizations understand the state of their infrastructure, can identify potential problems and/or malicious activity, and iteratively analyze infrastructure data to improve and optimize predictive analytic capabilities.

Insight 1.7 is the current production release. Insight 2.0, which includes a dramatically improved analytic engine with machine learning capabilities, is in the final stages of development now and should be released in early 2016. For more information, to arrange a demo and/or to purchase licenses, please contact